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Pics Nikon Giveaway

Pics Nikon has teamed up with a lot of companies which for now will stay secret to giveaway 1 Nikon Camera every week. That’s right – we’re giving away a Nikon camera every week! One lucky person is going to get a Nikon from Pics Nikon everyweek.

Entering the giveaway to win the camera is simple! You enter on the giveaway by playing our game (quiz) you need to find 50 correct answers and you get 500 points to join the giveaway. The draw will be live every Sunday on our Instagram profile @pics_nikon.

Once you have got your points take a screenshot of it and send them to us on Instagram via DM. We get all the points and put them on leaderboard, every one who joins the giveaway has a number on the leaderboard.

When we choose the winner is totally random, we have a program which gives a random number and the number that program gives is the winner of the giveaway for that week.

So, are you ready for a chance to win the best Nikon cameras on planet?

Play the game!

Most asked questions!

1. How to enter?
-To enter the game is simple you just need to play the quiz and get 500 points. Once you get 500 points you send them to us on Instagram and you are in the giveaway.

2. How many times should I play?
-There is no limit on the game. You can play the game till you complete it.

3. Why I am not on the leaderboard?
-We update our leaderboard twice a week (Sunday and Wednesday). If the leaderboard has got more than 30 people than you will be on the leaderboard on the following week and you automaticlly join the giveaway for that week.

4. When is the draw?
-The draw is on Sunday, we announce the hour of the draw on our profile on Instagram so be sure to follow us there for more information for the draw.